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Saturday, March 12, 2011


In the last days of amal ,amil meets hamzad face to face excepting the amal in which hamzad is hidden.Hamzad be of any type but in end days it definitely converses excepting some.Amil has to decide in the last days what to talk with the hamzad and how to make him in full control,if by mistake amil do something wrong then he had to repent forever.Hamzad has much strength and adopts a variety of methods to get out of control of amil should be confident enough and should have courage and patience and should not fear anything i.e. he should not be a that when the two face each other amil should have enough confidence with no fear on his amil should be free from all kind of fears.

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

sir, my name is hasher Hassan please i wanna know how to talk with hamzad how to control em Wat is a amal to control them i want to talk to them please help me

Sincerely,Hahser Hassan

Anonymous said...

as salam o alaikum
ya ali mada a.s

hum razi haiii humne aapke bht blog pada hai or humko hamzas se khwab me bait karni hai or humko hamare hamzad se kaaam lena hai so plz cn u gideee mee hum karbala jana chahte hai or hamari famly ki itni haisiyat nhi k hum kbhi karbala ja sake islia hum humzad ko kabu kar k us k sath karbala jana chahteeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzz aap hamari help kijia k kaisa amal kare or kaunsa amal aasan hogaa

khuda hafiz maula salamat rakhe

suman said...

dear sir i am suman and i am very intrusted to do ritual for humzad and i need help please help me i shall be very thanks full to u..i dont know the proper ritual and parhez please give me the permission and explain me the ritual..

bilal said...


I pray you are well. I have seen the amal you posted, how to capture hamzad. Could you please give me more information regarding this amal, especially the bit where it says we must imagine we are facing ourselves.

I understand its very frustrating everybody continuously bothering you and continuously asking for help from everything. I am sorry that I am doing the same, but I genuinely am not a ungrateful selfish person(not saying from ego)., i wish to help others and myself but at the moment I am in a bit of a maze and pray that you bless me through Allahs mercy. I would be very grateful even if you were to just "read" me and not waste time helping me, I would be grateful.