Saturday, March 12, 2011

Searching and selecting a proper place in amal e hamzad

During amal e hamzad , one has to search for a proper place so that your amal works and you get success.One has to find a clean and clear place to increase the chances of getting success.It should not be a place where people keep passing by.If the amal has to be done at home then search a separate room where it is peace,no disturbance,no people, a separate and peaceful place.No songs no dance,not even yhe voice of song should come in that room.Choose a particular time for the amal when your family donot disturb you.If you own another home which is emptyor own a peace of land,where it is lonely,then better to go their.For the amal the land should be plane with no crests and troughs and should be of a single color and the surrounding walls should have some paint or whitewash so that you can clearly see your hamzad.

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amel soname
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