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Saturday, March 12, 2011



Many different types of jobs hamzad can do,depending upon how powerful hamzad is?some for example has a control on NAFZ.
Others capable of pulling up things.
Some can only converse.they can inform you about anything you want to know.
Hamzad destroyed by Islamic ways is more powerful.

Below are what a hamzad can do:
Can befriend two persons
Can give you news from the place you want to know
If posess enough power,can act physically
Can make anyone sick
Can irritate people
Can even help you in business.can proliferate your business and bring people together oh business point.
Can destroy your lover
If powerful can change his appearance,and take the form of his boss,this way he can meet people in place of his master.
Can tell disease a person is suffering from or if a person is under some kind of magic.
If something is misplaced,hamzad can find it out.
Can inform you what is going on at your rivals place??what the person is doing i.e hamzad can give you each and every detail of what is going on at your rivals place(or at anyone’s place you are interested to know).

Amel soname contact

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Zaka Ikram said...

itni paabndiyan sir? ghareeb admi k abs ki to baat hi nahi, jitna prhezi khana aur jagah ka intizam ,libaas ,phir jitna waqt ,yaani yeh ibaadat riyazat ka medaan bhee ameer rayees logon k liey hi reh gaya ,

Anonymous said...

Sir if we want hamzad to bring information of a person than can we just tell our hamzad the name of the person and show his picture and than send him off or we need to,provide more details

Anonymous said...

asalamo alikum sir.

i have some questions about capturing hamzad but i am not good in english if you dont mind chat with me in urdu or if u send me your number then it will very kind of you.

shabir said...

Hello, someone has done black and on me and sent hamzad of death lady, so now the Hamzad evil is following me its very powerful it cause evil in my life. Can u help me?