Saturday, March 12, 2011

Imagination during the amal

It is prerequisite to establish a proper imagination(tasaver).
First let me clarify you what tasaver actually means.It simply means a state of deep thinkig or meditation or you can say it means to concentrate your thinking on some thing and keep on thinking such that you may reach a state of unconsciousness,then you will go deeper down in your imagination easily without any external effort.Take for example-imagine going to school,left for the bus standing on the bus stopwaiting for the bus to come.Bus came and you entered into it and payed the conductor…what will happen next will automatically come into your mind without any external effort.Your mind has now attained a state of unconsciousness.This is what tasaver means.So creating a tasaver is important.It needs to be created in amal for gettind your beloved.Like if a man wants a girl to love him,then imagine that girl in your mind,imagine the two of you are conversing and went for a coffee together,spending time with the girl,amal will work immediately ang automatically the girl will start thinking about you,wishing to meet you.Remember the better your tasaver is,better will be the results.During the amal you should be free of all household,family and office . problems and tensions.

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