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Saturday, March 12, 2011



I am telling you how should amil converse when amil and hamzad face each other .It is easy to do amal but very difficult to talk with hamzad when the two meet,so as to control the hamzad totally.not necessarily hamzad will talk in the way we do,he can talk in some different way also I am telling you below-
HAMZAD-I am present.Why you called me?

AMIL-I want to take your help in my work,I want your help in all my work.

HAMZAD-I will help you in every possible way.If the amal involves Islamic ways , then hamzad will say that he will not help you in any kind of non Islamic work.

AMIL – has to be stubborn enough and try to convince hamzad saying that you have to help me in every work I want your help in till hamzad is ready for it.i.e. stick all the time to what you want from hamzad.

HAMZAD-okay I ll help you in every work you want.
Amil-you neednot to be with me all the time,just be here when I call you .I will simply call you within my heart and you have to come to me.

HAMZAD-will promise you that I will be present whenever you will call me by heart.if sifli he will say whenever you call me be abluted.

AMIl-do not agree on his conditions and say you have to come in whatsoever condition I am.

HAMZAD-will you fulfill my condition?

AMIL-I will if it is worth fulfilling.

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zeeshan said...

aoa, mai aik amil kai pass gaya tha or ous nai mere sath ghalat kar diya hai or mugh marnai ki dhamki data hai , pla help me

sheila said...

Assalamu alaikum, i was reading your article of hamzaad on web i have some questions to ask you can you please answere me

imran said...


for much time now i have been trying to conjure hamzad. i have failed....i have been given very easy amal like putting naqsh under bed and then burning in morning and no diet is required....but still i am not getting it....

can u help me conjure hamzad?

i need his help with my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zia said...

Assalamo alekum

I m from Bhopal india and student of spritualism.doing muraqba ,kundlini meditation for spritual enlightenment.during searching i have got the website ilme jinn and ilme humzad.I have written permission from molana hasanul hashmi deoband for tabe humzad in 1995 but didn't perform amal.can i start amal now and what are rules for getting guidence in roohaniyat and fee can u guide me remotely.

kindly enlighten me.
Allah hafiz

shahid said...

how r u doing dear respectful brother.

its shahid khan from rwp. i am very much interested in doing Amel of Hamzad... since i am facing very much heap of troubles and disturbances created by my relatives and friends, i have been robbed by the said i have lost my mental peace and harmony of life...

i have lost my love of life, i have lost my wealth, and now i am under a great debt, every new business or projected that i started either it was failed or i was decieved by the ones whom i trusted... and now i am totly shuttered.

i want to do this Amel for my better future... will u kindly On the Name Of ALLAH and His Rasool(PBUH) help me in this regard and tell me the proper proceedure and Specific Spell/Amil by using of which i would be able to control my Hamzad.....more over i am interested in controlling Jinns,.i also request u to help me in this regard as well if u can

shahid said...

How u Doing Amel Sahib

as i wrote in my earlier email that i am face the direst and worst circumstances and troubles of my life in every way of life and to erradicate these problems i want some help.

in this connection during my search on net i found ur blog,,, i found it very much knowledgeful and informative,, but i got confused at the point when i started downloading ur mp3. recites which were in connection of ilme hamzad and ilme Mokeliat.

these recitations are of 30 seconds,,, may i know that do i need full recitations to get amal/job done or the present recitations of 30 seconds will work for amal..

i am looking forward for ur response as soon as possible as i am facing a very much terrible life which some times made me to stand on the verge of suicide. i hope u will understand my dire condition.

ashfaq said...

Salam Wa alaikum,

Hi read ur procedure for "amal". Sounds good.
But i have a single room which is my room [bedroom] to perform prayers.
plz provide me permission to perform prayer.
prayer for allah for me to get success.

Ahmed said...

Can you give me a easy way to control my hamzaad so he can do things for me.

What powers do hamzaad have?

hamid said...

Assalam wa alaikum.

I read your on diffierent types of amal for hamzaad. I was very interested in yhe knowledge that you have and im sure there is more which you have not shared yet.

I'm writing this because i am in deep pain. I have tried to many alims and wasted alot of time and money and health. I want to conjure a hamzaad for myself to sort out my problems. If you could give me your number where i can contact you and discuss over the phone. This would help alot. Plz do not let me down. Even if u cant let me have your number. Atleast tell me the way on how to do it and what to recite/read.

Please. Help me out.

Im in way too many problems that i need to sort out.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I have seen your blog, it is really nice. Could you please provide me the amal of Hamzad. all types of amal is required, could you please provide me in both the languages i.e. Urdu & Hindi.

raza said...



Can you please suggest best amal for hamzad.

Are you Amel and providing Izazat for amal.

JAMSHED said...

Assalamualikum Ustad ji,




ISMAIL said...

How do i capture my hamzad?

Anonymous said...

So I also want hamzad, I dont know a lot abt it, but it sounds interesting from what I do know. I think this is hard right? hamzad is our shadow? I plan on first getting muakkils and then going for hamzad, is this good or can I do them both together?

Is hamzad related to murqaba? I think it is, I have known abt muraqaba/qalbi zikr for sometime, I dont do it, I only do qalbi zikr sometimes, not much, but insha Allah I will do it more, but I used to read how u get information abt far places, see far places, hear sounds from far places, etc, I now assume this is hamzad doing it?

A Muslim girl told me that her father did chilla many decades ago, I assume he got hamzad like this bcuz she said once she saw his "creature" and it looked like him. But she said it was in the form of a snake other times and he wud say it was his jinn I believe?? Also, the guy was rly bad and he wud do bad things like drink I believe and give his famikly a rly bad time, he eventually got a divorce, so u get the picture. I am wondering, why wud a hamzad do that to him? I assume it was from hamzad. Theirs more to this story, plz help me understand.

U see, I do want to be close to God and get what ppl like Rumi and Hafez had, and I thought chilla wud help me get this, will it insha Allah? I know its very very hard. But let me tell u, the guy I told u abt above, his daughter told me that her Mom told her the story abt her Dad and when he did chilla, after 40 days, he said a man came to him who had a very noorful face, maybe a pirs soul, or an angel, Allahu Alam, and this old man said Salam, and the guy said salam back, then the old man told him to grab his arm, the guy grabbed his arm and they went to the heavens and saw Ibrahim AS and I think just said Salam to him, then when they returned, the old man told the guy that this was nothing and that he wud see a lot more, he gave him another chilla wazifa to do for 40 days. The guy went to his pir and subhanallah his pir told him not to say anything bcuz he already knows that he went to the heavens and what he saw, his pir told him to do the chilla the pir gave him, but he did not, Allah did not will it, the man had no interest unfortuinately, the daughter told me maybe he only wanted the jinn for wordly reasons, like money or something and so he had no interest in further chilla. But brother, I want that, I want to see Ibrahim AS and other Prophets Peace Be Upon them All (PBUTA) and angels and other creatures. I want what RUMI AS had, and Al-Khidr, and Luqman Hakim, and more brother.

I told u im not a very pious person, I dont even pray 5 times a day yet, I do my salat qada, but I want to be, I want to be very pure insha Allah, but brother, is it bad that I want to also have worldly things?

I dont think its bad, my Aunt told me a story that my Grandpa used to tell her, she said that he wud say their is two fakirs (like Sufis) and Allah loves both, one of them is very wealthy, luxorsious life, nice things, gold, etc, etc, the other one all he has is a band on his pants, and this poor one told Allah "why does he have so much, yet I have so little, bcuz we are both ur lovers and we are both pious," then Allah said something like "he loves all of that gold and house and money, as much as u love that band on ur pants." So the rich sufi had nice things bcuz he was a stylish man naturally, but he was not in love with those things. And I want to be like that, I want to have nice things, but if Allah took them away I want to not care and just continue life being happy bcuz I amclose to God, insha Allah when I get close to God.

Anonymous said...

Can u make ur hamzad come to me? lol, i know this sounds odd, but can u make it come to me and see my clothes or things like that? Or brother, can u tell me how far I am with my zikr, my mom stopped having those dreams months ago, but I do not think I completed it yet bcuz I have not seen anything in real life or in my dreams, the brother from paki I told u abt said we cannot see angels and we will get a sign in our dreams when the zikr is completed, but I know ppl can see muakkils and that sister I spoke to also told me she saw that old man, I assume she saw a lot, bcuz she does a lot of zikr and has for several yrs alhamdullilah.


sayam said...

I need Very Simple Easy Hamzad Butt Effective who can tell me some information
Solutions of my problems, to get my lover,

and specially if some one is Creating problem for me by using hamzad power i want to handle and teach lesson not to damaged some one respect in society.

if i am facing baseless blames from those people who never met me but people are discussing me in wrong way and creating wrong public perception about me. can be charge and i want to lesson them not to do such things.

can you tell me such a amal hamzad... to counter my problems...

I am living in combine family

hadiya OR fee can be done later when you reply

Anonymous said...

salaam.i want do the hamzad ritual which is as follows:
for this Ritual one needs to have clean clothes as well as clean, quiet and secluded room so that no other person can come into the room.
First one needs to get a lamp and put behind one self so that one shadow is showing to ones height while sitting down and looking at the Shadow one needs to recite the Wazeefa below for 382 times
In all these Jinn rituals given i must stress the one cannot eat animal products by reciting the Wazeefa the Hamzad should appear onIn all these Jinn rituals given i must stress the one cannot eat animal products by reciting the Wazeefa the Hamzad should appear on the 3rd day if not do the ritual for 9 days minimum (one must not do more then 9 days)
One should keep an empty bottle and when the Hamzad appears one must tell it to get into the bottle and it will get into the bottle then one must shut the bottle and then say to it
" when i call you, you must appear at once and tell me the method of calling you"
The Hamzad will tell you and give his promise that he will appear and listen to you then one must open the lid and let the Hamzad out