Saturday, March 12, 2011

spell of hamzad necessary work

Wajibate amil and sharyate amil,I had mentioned in my blog free amil school or amliyate nujoom.Now during amal things to be kept care of-
make yourself free from all sort of devils talk(i.e. waswase)and make your mind free of every evil plan and then with a positive attitude that yes I will succeed proceed.
prevent sex meeting with women at least one month before amal.
prevent jalali and jamali amal which I had mentioned in my blog free amil school.
keep all the things necessary with you so that during amal you need not have to face any kind of trouble.
massage your hair with roghan kadu or roghan chambali during the amal.
it is necessary to take the permission of amal from some kamil.
fix time and place .The land should be plane.Take complete sleep before starting the amal so that during the amal you don’t feel sleepy and can concentrate.
fix a separate room in the home you want to start your amal where it is peace with no song,dance , TV, computer ,photo etc.perform all your prayers there only.
most important is that during the amal several doubts will come into your mindthat is the work of hamzad like for example he will say “that worh should be done like this”He will make your

remember me in your prayers
amel soname
if you have any questions
feel free to email me

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shahnila fahmi said...

Did you personally try to capture any hamzad , I heard it is almost impossible ..

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