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Although amil always do the amal he is perfect in.Different amal has different ways.I am writing here some most common ways of of amal e hamzad:
Ahteshe amal-This is done by lighting a lamp and keeping it on the back or by seeing towards sun side or by fixing the site on a lamp or sandalwood or coal.In all in this amal fire has a prominent role.

Bade Hamzad – In bade hamzad one has to recite by fixing site on air or in sunshine fix the site on shadow or by sitting on a tree or mountain where you can feel in the fresh air or by being upside down or here one has to fix the sight on sky and from there you have to bring the shadow down from the sky.

Abi hamzad-In this amal one has to sit in water.Amal is performed by either sitting in water or standing in water and concentrating on the shadow.This amal can be done in ship or boat which floats in water i.e. the amal requires water.

Khaki hamzad-In this amal sit in darkness and then do the amal or this amal is performed by lying.concentrate on the shadow in the soil or the amal has to be performed by encircling the soil

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amel soname
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tahirmdar said...

Asalam u alikum, thank you for this wonderful help. I would like to know whether it has to be performed during day or night and since i'm from srinagar and i would like to know how to do it. Can it be done during night and if a candle can be used and where to place it. Thank you. My email address is please help.

Anonymous said...

Brother Tahirmdar, I'm kobby. I'm also seeking hamzad ways. I have books of it but I never try I need time and more advice first. But what I know is u can put the lamp or candle beside u the watch Ur shadow and keep on the rest u have to do. Thanks. And I will email u then we shear mind.

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