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Saturday, March 12, 2011

how to capture hamzad


I had written a very easy amal which is quite a lot successful.This is to destroy hamzad and there is no loss doing this amal and no need to take any precaution .But try to follow my guidelines.Do it in a separate room so that you may not be disturbed.What you have to do is that play the recording of the amal and autorepeat so that it can repeat again and again.The recording should reach to your ears.Close your eyes and imagine that you are facing yourself,all you have to do is by closing the eyes.Donot speak or think about anything keep quite and keep imagining what the imaginary personthe imaginary person you have made exactly like you that what he is doing within a short period of time he himself will start conversing with you , all in your imaginations.Ask the person about his powers that is what that person is capable of doing.He will tell all what he can do.This amal takes 1-3 days.Daily play the recording of amal for 2 hours.Most probably Hamzad will start talking within 3 days.If for some reason you donot get success then continue this for 40 long days continuously.If due to some reason some days are missed then cover them in the last.
During amal e hamzad whatever imagination you have made in your mind,the imaginary person should do the following things.........

That imaginary person will create disturbance.Will say how are you ,whats up etc.

You will start seeing very unusual dreams.

You will start hearing voices from within you.For every question answer will come from within you.It will be forwarded by your hamzad.

If the hamzad is good one(angel)He will also disturb you.He will say about namaz and scold you if you will not offer namaz.Order you to abstain youself from the bad things.Will order you to be clean all the time and ask you not to go to non mehram.,etc…

download hamzad amal recording
hamzad amal.mp3

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raza said...

Amel Soname, I am living in USA ' United State of America' but I use to live in Karachi/Pakistan since 12 years ago, I knew you know a lot of about Hamzd, and I want to share you some of my experiences, I would like to talk to you about Hamzad because i did couple of hamzad amal. Please give you your cell phone no and i would like to call you.......

mohsin said...

Aslam alaikum hi my name is mohsin and im a muslim i meditate plus im in a silsila called silsila azeemi my spiritual teachers name is khwaja shamshudin azeemi i want to learn teleportation and other knowledge i dont like college i get scared at night for no reason see weird stuff tried doing this angel ritual i was kinda scared and to much to read how do i talk to my hamzad and make it get me money teleport me becasue our rooh can do anything i heard hamzad is our light body

saleem said...

assalam o alaikum,
how are you hope good with your health.please give me your mobile or landline no i want talk with you and wand ask you some details for hamzad.if you donot mind it and if you will help me for that parpose,

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum! Sir i have read your article and i have downloaded the recording for hamzad capturing amal. I want your permision to start that amal. Please grant me permision and some good tips. Thank you. Allah hafiz

sattar said...

Here is Abdul Sattar i am also related to jinnat already but i,m not in contact with hamzads kindly help[ me to cover the hamzads to me

salman said...

how are you hope good with your heath.sir i donot you very well.i just find your id on the internet one site where i was searching for (hamzad)i think you are a amel i want share you one my problem in my life.and hope you will guide me very well,i am married man with two in rawalpindi,doing my own business go to china for business, but i have very problem few time and i have lost every think.when i hade mony i didnot have any good idea for business but when i have good idea for business no have money for business and also i taken loan from bank,and i am very upset in these days because i want return the money to bank but have no money,and i have very serious crises in my brother lives in uk but he is not helping me..i am very upset with this matter.please help me out for this matter please take very deep eye on my matter,ALLAH WILL bless you.if you help me,please i will be waiting for your reply.

munir said...

Assalamu Alaykum Amel sb,

Do u know if it's possible to catch another persons qareen/hamzaad? If so, how to u break free the other persons control over ur hamzaad if he has grabbed it. Also can u kill another person's hamzaad and any hamzaad he has captured from a dead person?

Any information u can provide will be greatly appreciated.

HABIB said...

Dear Sir,
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Glad to see your website and appreciate your struggle to serve human being, to relieve them from such kind of troubles. Really it is a very Great Sympanthy with the human being; especially now a days these things are in abundance through the whole society; in our country Pakistan and outside every where.

Sir, First request is; that I wanted to print regarding the "jaddo ka elaj" from your website. Second thing; I need your permission to give zakat of "Ya Allah-ho" as I ready in your website that its zakat is very useful for many things. Describe its more benefits and way of usage.

Third is, that I am also interesting to do Chiila for Moekil or Hamzad. Now a days I am at Riyadh. Since long ago when I was in Pakistan I did some Chilla of Moekil, Hamzad but I could not succeed; because I completed every Chilla upto the end of 40 days but at the end seen nothing. My teacher who used to give me these things was also astonished.

Therefore, please guide me what should I do; and whether it is possible me to start a New Chilla for Hamzad or Moekil and I will succeed.

In fact, I am also interesting to help those people who are in trouble due to Jadoo.

At the end I will be thankful to guide me,


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Hazrat,
First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent work which you are doing with your blogs.Our Ummah needs the knowledge of wazaif and spirituality during this time especially when there are people among us who are hell bent on destroying the Islamic spirituality by calling it shirk and biddat. What makes me even more happy is the way with which you have addressed as many topics as possible in your blogs in detail and selflessly. May Allah grant you a high station in Akhirah and also bless me with salvation on your account.
If you take the time and answer a few of my questions I will forever be indebted to you.
1. In the sections of Hamzad and Mokelat where you have given audiofiles to be played, I want to know if common people like me can play the Hamzad or Mokelaat mp3's without any risk ??? I have read previously that the amal involving Hamzad or Mokelaat is dangerous and any mistake will lead to Rajat. Please elaborate on this one issue.
2. I am a doctor by proffession and I am quite busy. But I want to acquire Ilm-e-Deen too. The only hurdle seems to be my sleep. I have to sleep for 7-8 hours without which I am not a human being. I have seen an amal in the book "Sham e Shabistaan e Raza"where the author asks to wear a taweez of Owl's open eye. But finding such an eye is neither easy nor do I have my mother's permission to use it. Can you please suggest some wazeefa for decreasing sleep.

Even if you are unable to answer due to your other important works, I request you to remember me in your dua's and please continue the work you are doing.

May Allah always guide us onto the straight path and accept our Love for His Beloved Prophet. Summa Aameen.

Khuda Hafiz.

shahzaib said...


Just saw your blog its fantastic. Can i get the amal to get the hamzad ?

Anonymous said...

i want to be in icontact with hamzaad

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Sahab the information provided is true but the thing is the recording played gives us access over Hamzaad ? If yes then how are we supposed to ask Hamzaad to what we want him to ?

shafi said...

hello sir amel soname, hope you well be fine, from the last 2 or 3 years i am searching for a hamzad amal thrue out pakistan, but stell i am not able to find one, a month before a friend of mine tole me that there is an amel with a trumindis knolege about hamzad i visit your blog and remain stund, in this time and a person with that kind of knolege? So, may god give you long life health and wealth, if you can please? Help me providing an experience amali hamzad than i well be very thankfull to you, and one thing amel sahab that my eye vision is week, is it posible for me to invoke my hamzad? May god bles you, with best regards and allways praying for you shafi.

basit said...

Asalamualikum. I have checked the website in which you have explained that what HAMZAD can do.
My question is how to perform HAMZAD?

waqas said...

As salamu allaikum
Sir my self waqas
I am from Pakistan gujrat. Sir i need little help from your hamzad.Because you are amel
so its mean you have hamzad.please sir i really need it if you sad him

Anonymous said...

Assalamo alekum

I am very impressed by your amal on hamzad. Please can you solve problems by your hamzad. if yes please reply me


Taha said...

Hello Sir!
I am 15 years old and My name Is Taha . I want to call my hamzad but i dont know how to and what will happen i hope you will help me
Thanks. Have a Good day

hadi said...

Assalam-O-Alaikum !
how are you dear amel soname,
i want to know about ilm-e-hamzaad and want to perform "CHILLA". i need your guidance and Help to achieve my goal....
i am 27 years OLD And Hafiz-e-Quraan.
i want to learn this hidden knowledge and want to know about this secret world. i am waiting for your reply eagerly.....

ziad said...

Assalaam. I have read your arcticle on Hamzad. I would like to know the wazeefa and procedures to make the hamzad appears before me. Thanks. Jazaakallaah.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaek yah amil soname.May Almighty Allah continue to guide u n ur houseold.However,after reading some of ur blogs,I am very interesting on d hamzad amal.Pls I want u to help me out cos am spiritulist as well nd at d same time ahllu terika sheik ahmada tijani.(RTA).I also like to choose u as my murshidu.So pls guide me through on dis amal bcos I've met some amal which partain with mirror dat I should stand in front of a mirror but all dis were to no avail.
Manshallah,I promise To abide by all d rules and regulation on dis.May God b wt u as well.Its me sulaiman FRM Nigeria.
Maa salam!

Sidra Shahid said...

Salam Bother,

I wanna to this humzad chilla. Please let me know if there is any risk for this amal? and how to perform humzad chilla? and what are the special conditions?


Anonymous said...

MUjhy ye amal karna he.
Kia iss amal karny se koi nuqsan to ni hoga. Matlb koi jani nuqsan, death wagera?
Ans me plz.

Anonymous said...

Sir, mujhe aap ka phone number mil sakth he.

atta said...

salamualaikum about capturing hamzad by playing recording will i allow me to talk to my hamzad and will he help me with my problems

Anonymous said...