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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Failure in the amal e hamzad

Some reasons are there which leads to the failure in the amal e hamzad.I am telling you the reason for this failure.
Devil keep disturbing and throwing pbstacles during the amal.
Hamzad itself don’t want to get controlled.
The biggest cause for the failure is that the person involved is himself a victim of some evil spell.I have seen multiple cases where people perform amal and fail,they blame amal for this that this amal is not worth and doesnot show results.This is because some magician is there behind them and keeps doing magi.If this is the case then your failure is assured,the magician keep throwing more and more obstacles so that the amal donot succeed.Magician will never want victim to have divine power.If if a person who is under black magic feels himself successful then also it is not guaranteed as apparently it may look like he got success but sometimes it is not hamzad but a jinn sent by the magician to befool the victim.In that case the person needs to crosscheck if it is genuine hamzad or someone else.
You can check it this way.If it is your hamzad then he will bring true report and if the case is otherwise report will not be genuine.
Secondly if is a jinn sent by the magician then his presence will make you feel uneasy.Heart will start beatin fast and you will start having an unusual uneasiness.
The most clear sign of this is that your face will start becoming black.So it is advised to cure the magic first by the jalali molekat recitation and then do the amal or carry two things side by side.

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

Asalamoalaikum. Sir I read your article about capturing hamzad. I have many problems in life. I cant seem to get rid of my problems. Im hopeless. I want to know more about capturing hamzaad, I need your help. Please sir, help me. I feel like killing myself, but I dont want to lose all the hope yet. Please, help me. I want to have a happy life.

Sidra said...


How are you doing? Hope everything is good on your side. My name is Sidra. I am 30 years old lady. You mentioned that we need permission before humzaad amel, I dont know no one who i can ask for permission.I really need a teacher who can help me to learn rohani practice. I am looking for real rohani person from last 8 years but i couldn't find the real one. After reading you posts about rohaniyat and about humzad and mokelat. I am 100% sure that you have humzaad and you did lots of practice in mokelat. Can you please be my teacher. Please i need your guidence. Can you give me permission for humzaad amel? if you dont mind can i have your cell#?
Please reply me.

Anonymous said...

I am Luqman from Ghana, West Africa I have been visiting your site to study arabian magic I really enjoy it. It has been add some knowledge to my western magic knowledge. Thank you very much. After study all these I want to conjure/evoke/conquer my hamzad please can you send me authentic formula to conquer my hamzad? Thank you.

tahir said...

asalam u alikum,
Sir may allah bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.
I'm in a fix, i have many problems and just problems. My name is tahir
and i'm from srinagar kashmir. I offer salah five times
and tahjud as well. And i keep praying every single time for
forgiveness and help to almighty but unfortunately nothing seems to
work. However i'm not giving up, i know almighty will help me
inshaallah. now i wanted to ask you bout hamzad and how to control
it. I have read your blog many times bout it. And have downloaded the
hamzad amel as well, however i would like to ask you how to do it. I
stay with my family a total of 5 members including me. Now i have a
clean room where i can perform it. What i want to know is what to do,i
mean do i have to recite any dua or read anything in particular while
controlling hamzad, and how to do it in the room. And is it to a
performed during the day or night. Please help me. Thank you.

alam said...


hashmee said...


Amir said...

Dear Amel sb, i want to do amal-e0 hamzad, , is there any jalali Wa Jamali perhaiz in
it or not?

second thing is that where i am living, in that room we are two
persons. but my room mate comes late at night. can i do the Amal in
that room. coz during Amal time I am alone but later on my room mate

so can i start amal in that room?

waiting for your reply.


Anonymous said...

dear jnab amel onami sahb.

salam , i want to catch my hamzad bt there i no real ustad .
many amel are fack they have no hamzad , if u hav in real (hamzad) then guied me jnb. i find hamzad since 3 year bt there is no real amel & kamel.

if u can so plz.. . . . try to help me to captucher my hamzad.

i ready to get hamzad plz guied me if u can.

i shall be very thankfull to u..

Anonymous said...

I want to know how hamzad looks like.

Also please tell me if hamzad is more powerful than ifreet and mareed

gulzar said...

dear sir

i have read ur article on hamzad...... it is very much informative.......i have never done any amal for hamzad or other but there is someone inside me who converses me with for every question through my own lips......wud u plz guide me in this matter...... who that is hamzad/ budrooh/ jinnat/ churail or otherwise..........

looking forward you for response as soon as you can plzzzzzz guide me

Anonymous said...

I need hamzad which help all kind and every work which i need, should be hidden but i only can see him,

can you help me and allow any one for such amal

inform me also its fee / hadiya


waiting for your kind response